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Battle Royale #13 - Q-veta livestream 1:33:06
Broadcasted live at
Cosmic War #2 - icycalm livestream 1:40:23
Broadcasted live at
Clan League Season 1: CULT v pXs 40:06
Broadcasted live at
Clan Wars #5 - recoil POV 33:13
Broadcasted live at
Clan Wars #5 - icycalm live cast 36:42
Broadcasted live at
Clan League Season 1: BSE v BRN 24:32
Broadcasted live at
Clan League Season 1: BRN v BSE 39:42
Broadcasted live at
Clan Wars #4 - icycalm POV 2:02:42
Broadcasted live at
Clan League Season 1: pXs v BSE 37:32
Broadcasted live at

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Titans Launch Trailer 1:47
Unit Cannon Update 0:36
Launch Trailer 1:46
Soundtrack Recording Session 3:30
Beta Reveal Trailer 1:31
Kickstarter Trailer 7:14
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A selection of screens from "the most stunning videogame of all time" (Alex Kierkegaard). View our entire collection.
Videogame Art
Read Alex Kierkegaard's essay, Videogame Art: Planetary Annihilation. Planetary Annihilation is Insomnia's 2014 Game of the Year.


What real teams look like

Because a Team of Strangers is no Team

The surprise resurrection of PA development has inspired quite a bit of discussion over at the official PA forum, and I've been taking part in it with several lengthy posts (on which I will elaborate here in the near future), but for starters I would like to talk a bit about the idea...


Friday, October 20, 2017
Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Sunday, August 20, 2017
Soundtrack Highlights
A selection of tracks from "the best videogame soundtrack ever, period" (Alex Kierkegaard). Buy it now on iTunes.
SoundCloud Album Record

Howard ​Mostrom - Prepare For War
SoundCloud Album Record

Howard ​Mostrom - Towards The Stars
SoundCloud Album Record

Howard ​Mostrom - What We Built
SoundCloud Album Record

Howard ​Mostrom - Destiny Into Darkness
SoundCloud Album Record

Howard ​Mostrom - Requiem For The Fallen
SoundCloud Album Record

Howard ​Mostrom - Ageless Struggle